gift givers no. 2

So I've been dying to make my own hot chocolate mix for a while now. I went out bought all the ingredients, found a basic recipe, even if I found the basics I knew I could tweak, make a cool package for it, and send it away as gifts.

But then I had to test it.... (Yes testing is crucial when trying out a new recipe, especially when giving it to someone else. Who wouldn't want to test out hot chocolate anyway? It's chocolate!) But this is where I was thinking that it did not live up to my expectations... so I added a few more things/more of this and that to achieve deliciousness.

Mexican Hot Chocolate
find the basic recipe here
then add more cocoa
1/4 tsp cayenne or chilli powder ( I added too much, which made this hot hot chocolate)
100 g of dark chocolate (shredded or cut up finely)
1 tbsp vanilla powder (if you can find any, I couldn't)
1 tsp cinnamon
Mix all ingredients together and store in air tight jars, or bag em up pretty. Add three tbsp of mixture to one regular sized mug, then pour over boiling water. Stir well.

I fear this recipe isn't precise as I was just kind of making it up as I went along... so feel free to do the same cause it did make for an interesting cup of cocoa that ended up turing out pretty great!

Does anyone else know of a great hot chocolate recipe?


ChichaJo said…
I am loving your gift givers series! Everything looks delicious and so so lovely...inspiring!
El said…
Now that the temperature has dropped I'm officially a hot chocolate addict. This looks wonderful and I love your packaging!
Irene said…
What a fantastic idea! Instead of vanilla powder (btw, I think Starbucks has it and they might be willing to part with a few tablespoons of it), you could grind up a used vanilla pot with some sugar and just use vanilla sugar. You made me crave this mix and now I'm going to make it! Sans chili powder, since I'm not used to the spicy-sweet combination... :)
I like a little cinnamon in mine :)
Anonymous said…
What a great gift idea - maybe next year ;)
Rose said…
I never thought to make my own hot chocolate, but its such a great idea for christmas gifts! I think cinnamon would be great in this too.

Chef Chuck said…
Spicy, yet a nice mix!! Very Cute!
I once tasted a triple hot chocolate in a cafe....and found it the best ever!!!!! white, milk and dark chocolate all mixed...heaven. And whatever you do, a topping of cream is absolutely essential! So there you go. You asked....
Ash said…
haha, Irene. I love that idea! I don't think starbucks would be too happy though!

Kitchen Butterfly: A topping of cream is completely and utterly essential!!
Emily said…
I just adore hot chocolate and have been longing to try the Mexican version. Snow might be forecast for tomorrow - hooray - and after a winter walk, a cup of this would be perfect.
Anonymous said…
sounds delicious, thanks for sharing!

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