tis the season

   It's apple picking time and this truly is one of my favorite past times.  So I'm heading to the farm for some fresh juicy ripe ones!  
Do you have a favorite apple?  Mine is the ever so sweet, tangy and juicy macintosh.

Remember...cinnamon goodness is coming up next!

Happy Weekend!


Amanda said…
Granny Smith, for sure! (with Peanut Butter though...)
Valerie Gamine said…
Pink Lady followed closely by Granny Smith. :)
Chef Chuck said…
Yes Valerina was thinking the same, 'Pink Lady'.
apparentlyjessy said…
I am jealous! I would have to say granny smith too, I love its tartness!
All apples are my favorite. Hope you have a great time.
Oh! Apples, I love apples. I have to figure out what’s my real favorite. But thanks for asking.
gine said…
oh i love this picture and i love ALL kind of apples ^^. have a fun day! XOXO
Anonymous said…
Pink Lady would have to be my perfect.
Unknown said…
Love apple season!! Favorite apple...anything tart.
Anonymous said…
goodness me, what lovely photos and ideas and thoughts you share here. Yours attempts (as you most modestly put it in the little paragraph about you) are just wonderful.
Apples, I have to say I miss English ones here in Rome even though the lcal ones around here are good this year. I am thinking about Eves pudding at the moment.
Glad we have found each other.
Those nigella cinnamon buns, now they have been bookmarked for far too long and you have given me the nudge I need.

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