foggy T.O and beef

  September screams fall, doesn't it? It's like summer is officially over, even know our weather is all summer right now... finally! I think everyone now is looking forward to fall. It's all about the cozy sweaters, comfy wrapped blankets, hot cups of tea and all things spice (preferably pumpkin).  Here I am writing about fall when what I have to show is some what of a summer dish.  But I couldn't help but share my quick delicious dinner delight (was that a tripple D?).  I just loved the colours!
mushroom and beef salad
1 bag of ready made salad mix
(I choose caesar, goes quite well with the beef)
sautéed buttered button mushrooms
grilled salt and pepper steak.
Here's a little of downtown Toronto and the Ex. 
took these photo's a while back, but thought I'd share.


I just love your photo's, your are obviously very talented.

I really want to eat that beef salad btw, it looks so good.

Thank you for dropping by "The Attic" much appreciated.
Vanillaorchid said…
It's hard to think that summer is almost over but it is!!

I wish I could have your beef salad!!

Nice photo ^O^

Thank you for stopping by my blog.
Chef Chuck said…
I agree the caesar dressing would be a great addition to this delicious looking dish!
Vanille said…
I like your B&W pics. very nice !

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