winter warmth

winter warmth

There always something so wonderful about winter that makes us all want to slow cook, bake and venture into all things homemade while I'm sure keeping the house just that little bit warmer through the streak of bitter cold. Right now for me since I'm not so fortunate to have a warm roaring fireplace, which at the moment would be blaring non-stop, it's all about keeping cozy under a blanket and well pretty much not moving.

I love the warmth of a winter cabin feeling. How cool would it be to stay in a cabin over the holidays? I know I wouldn't mind.

Oh, and if you still looking for a few little homemade gift ideas go here, here and here.


Uncle Beefy said…
SUCH a lovely collection of images, Ash! Pure winter perfection. Love 'em! :)
El said…
Gorgeous. I love the little fox at the end!
Just this collection made me feel all warm inside haha! I Love this post. I could use some of those pancakes now please...

Hope you're having a wonderful holiday season!
apparentlyjessy said…
I wish it was cold here, I much prefer it to the heat!
I saw on the news that things are getting pretty snowy around your part of the world! Thinking of you and hoping you are staying warm, snuggling under quilts with hot chocolate is the best part of winter!
I love your pictures. So nice to have snow, hope it stays for Christmas.
Elpi said…
Such a wonderful collections of divine photos.
Lovely photos...makes me think I could be in Canada...
Tash said…
I wouldn't mind spending the holidays in a cozy cabin either, and drinking some Mexican hot chocolate, yum! Happy holidays to you, stay warm and cozy! xo
yellowmango said…
ok so you already know from the ammount of gorgeous comments on this post of ures that how nice these photos are but another warm complimenting comment wouldn't hurt, would it ? :)

very pretty photos
and a lovelier blog :)
Chef Chuck said…
Once again you give such a "feeling" with your photo display!!
I am there!!

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