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One of my most favorite things in the world is lemon. So last night when I had the urge to bake something from a cook book I haven't used in some time... I came across a recipe for lemon and raspberry sandwiches, really only interested in the cake and well having lemons mostly always on hand I couldn't resist. This has to be one of best and probably least healthily lemon cakes I've ever made.
You know I couldn't resist trying the sandwich version either, but with no whip cream or raspberries I opted for blackberries and yogurt. Not a bad combination.

Sorry I haven't been updating my blog as much, I feel project 365 is taking over my life! Need to change that!

Lemon Loaf

250g butter, softened
280g caster sugar
3 eggs
310g plain all-purpose flour
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
grated zest and juice of 1 lemon
185ml single pouring cream
1 tsp vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 325 F and butter and flour a 30 x 11 cm (12 x 14 inch) loaf tin (also works with 4 smaller ones). Cream together butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in the eggs one by one. Sift in the flour and baking powder, then add lemon juice, zest, cream and vanilla. Beat until you have a smooth batter.
Spoon into the loaf tin and bake for 1 hour and 10 min, or until a skewer poked in the centre comes out clean. Remove from oven and cool completely in the tin on a wire rack.


Anonymous said…
this looks simply lovely, i can smell the lemons!
Lemon loaf! Memories of mommy, and Spring and our house full of company and of me hiding the lovely moist piece of cakey bread in the garbage after eating the syrup soaked topping. Not any more. I love the whole thing. YUM. Lovely, lovely photos and thoughts and recipe.
Thank you!
Pam said…
I love, love, love lemon cakes, and this one look delicious, I need to try it asap :)

Mrs. Stoyko said…
Oh man.. I LOVE lemon loaf! This recipe looks like a keeper!
El said…
Lemon cake is one of my favorite things to make. This recipe looks really great. I love the addition of the blackberries. Delicious.
Lucy said…
Lemon cake sandwiches are a gorgeous idea - so summery! Cannot wait to do this next time I have lemons in the house - my favourite flavour.
A gorgeous blog; thank you for sharing!

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Cherie said…
Love, love, love lemons!!! And Tessa Kiros? She's the best. I have her Postcards from Portugal book.
Chef Chuck said…
Yes Ash "Lemons" we have to have them, and this sounds irresistible!
Your project 365 photos are incredible!! The time spent was well worth it, sometimes we get involved deeply with our passions or shall I say all the time~~
Thank you
Paris Pastry said…
I adore lemon loaves! The taste of lemon reminds me of a beautiful summer day!
Valerie Gamine said…
A lemon cake sandwhich sounds like heaven. I love that fist photo, the cake looks sinfullry moist!
molly said…
Oh! I'd almost forgotten this loaf from Tessa's book, also. Thank you for this!
mommyholly said…
Oh my goodness, that looks WAY TOO GOOD!!! I think I'm adding this to my "to-bake-list" right away!
xoxox Holly
337 Greenwich said…
oh yum! i wish i had a slice right now to enjoy with my morning coffee! the pictures are beautiful :-)
madhu said…
Amazing! LOVE "Apples for jam" !
S said…
hi ashley- absolutely love your photos- lots of beautiful hues here. would you mind sharing w us which camera and lens you use? obviously it's not the lens, but the photographer who does her magic- but would love to know, regardless :) x shayma

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