back from the market

  Going to the market, especially the kind that's a foodie's dream come true, is both torture, pleasure and sometimes in means of stress. Stress only because I decided to go on the upmost busiest day of the week. Saturday. This place on a saturday is more tightly packed then a tin of Italian sardines. Seriously.  I found myself trying to squeeze into getting a look at anything took effort and patience.  'I just need that goat cheese....right...ugh..there!'  All I could do was find an open hole, reach my hand in and hope for the best. 
Torture, well I wanted many things. Walking around the city and the train ride home didn't really work very well with perishables. 

It was also my mom's birthday on the weekend and more then anything she just wanted a simple banana loaf, no cake, just the loaf, and that's exactly what I made her.

In all the pleasure I got with eyeing up some serious good looking eats I managed to bring back these delights (above), with that I induced this random veg photograph session. 


Valerie Gamine said…
Beautiful photos! Especially the asparagus. Farmers Markets are great places but they can seriously make you feel claustrophobic.
How worth is going to the farmer's markets though? Such great produce. Your photographs are just lovely!
apparentlyjessy said…
Ahhh your photos make me so happy! I love your blog so much!! I get excited every time I see a new post up! You can even make vegetables look SO good! And that banana loaf looks yummy, you got a secret recipe to share?

I know exactly what you mean about the markets on a busy day, I adore the markets, but when you can't even reach the counter to get what you want, it is no longer a pleasurable experience!
gine said…
oh .. I love your photos ^^!!! .. XOXO
Chef Chuck said…
I always enjoy the farmers market! I love it, packed as tightly Italian sardine can!! That loaf looks inviting and your photos are right on!! :)
Y said…
Oh those photos are just gorgeous. I especially love the carrots!
Your pictures are absolutely stunning!


SYD said…
The picture are amazing.
Going to the Farmer's Market always ends up being a higher expense than anticipated. It's like shoe shopping for me. I go with the intention of buying 2-3 items, but then all the veggies look so good, and sometimes there are some great breads there as well....and well, before you know it, I've spend triple of what I expected to.

At least you took some pictures only. lol
Ash said…
Thanks everyone! I cherish all your comments!
Your market images are fantastic! I am sure you Mum loved the banana loaf - it is a firm favourite with our family too.
Uncle Beefy said…
Um, Ash... my attorney is gonna need your address so we can proceed with our charges against you and, of course, let the police know where they can pick you up... because you've stolen my life!!!! WAAAAHHHHHH! Woman! OMG! 1) Thanks for stopping by my blog. 2) Look at this GORGEOUS photography of your's! This is all so beautiful! Brilliant! Joyous!

Thanks! :)

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