some peachy finds

   I thought I'd share with you a couple of thrift finds.  Just cause.  I found these on one of my quick journey's into value village, this pretty sweet tiffin tin is in roughly good shape (just a few dents) and these adorable little teal mugs.
  Now, what to bake with these lovely peaches?


apparentlyjessy said…
You have the most amazing eye for perfect colour combinations. I adore colour of these mugs, and the peaches just look so nice and juicy, yum!
ChichaJo said…
What lovely finds!
Hannah_wolja said…
I love the colors!!!!
Lucy said…
The colour of those mugs is gorgeous - each drink will be a treat for you! :)
I love the mugs but I love the peaches even more. The color is so bright, I thought they were apricots. You could cook the peaches in a simple syrup. Use the peach-flavor syrup. Pour the syrup in your beautiful cup and make a peach-flavored flan with the chunks of your poached peaches.
Check my cardamom coffee version at

Just omit the cardamom and coffee and substitute with peaches and peach caramel. No need to unmold. Simply serve directly in your beautiful teal cups.
Chef Chuck said…
Really cool mugs and the tin Nice!!
Stunning color photos, so soft. :)
Rhiannon Bosse said…
wow gorgeous!! my wedding colors are coral and aqua so I LURRVEEE this :)

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