daring baker's choc covered marshmallow cookies

So here it finally is!  Sorry for my extremely tardy post for the challenge (I was having camera difficulties) but here they are in all their chocolate glory.  I love that we took a store bought cookie and made it into the goodness of homemade. These defiantly taste better then in the box! I was never a fan of the choc covered mallow cookies growing up and they still aren't nearly my favorite but these were simply fun to make.

Find the recipe here.

The July Daring Bakers' challenge was hosted by Nicole at Sweet Tooth. She gave us the choice of Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Cookies or Milan Cookies from pastry chef Gale Gand of the Food Network.


Amanda said…
These look good! Your chocolate is so smooth and shiny. :)
Loie said…
They look great :)
Chef Chuck said…
Nice marshmallows plus chocolate, homemade your killing me!! Way to go. :)
ChichaJo said…
This cookie did figure a lot in my childhood...they had a local version over here, so I'm loving these posts :) Your's looks wonderful...glossy and perfect!
gine said…
love it ^^!!!! great pic!! XOXO
These look great! Your super glossy chocolate is very, very tempting!
Oh, these look so adorable. Love the photos!

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