the end of strawberry season

    I really wanted to go strawberry picking this year but never quite made it.  I was a little sad, but this didn't stop me from fulfilling my strawberry based baking needs.  I kept seeing these rustic fruit tarts everywhere and really wanted to try my hands at one!  Very simple I must say, although I had a little problem with the ingredients... aka the sweet short crust pastry... apparently I wasn't throughly  following the instructions or maybe it was because I didn't read the recipe before hand... the flour was in pounds! Pounds?? My scale didn't have a pounds button?? Don't worry,  I know what pounds are... lets just say I had a little trouble converting it into cups!  But never-less  these were still pretty tasty and I do like how they look!

I suggest you use or find you're own sweet short-cut pastry I wont leave you with the confusing one I looked after.
But the strawberry middle is easy enough:
2 pints strawberries
1 cup sugar
Mix up and add for the filling and wrap crust up around the sides.
Bake for 15-20 min (depending on size of tart) in a 350 D oven.


Chef Chuck said…
Hi Ash, There is something about the sweetness of a strawberry that make you what more!! Very pretty, thanks for sharing :)
Lucy said…
I've always thought that these rustic tarts look gorgeous and your strawberry ones certainly look delicious :D Ahh I'm going to miss strawberries until next year.
ChichaJo said…
I love these types of rustic much simpler to make than fiddling with a tart mold and lovely to look at as well!
gine said…
mmmm ... strawberries ^^!! love them!! XOXO
I love rustic tarts. Yours looks absolutely beautiful. It's sad that strawberry season has passed!
dayna said…
Those rustic tarts are wonderfully perfect. They look freshly picked up from a countrified market stand.
Very nicely styled, beautifully shot photos.

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