Yes, this might just be another chocolate post and you might say I've had a craving... but that's usually the way chocolate goes. It creeps up on you like that and there's no turing back, no not ever... not usually.
These self-saucing chocolate puddings have got to be one of the easiest things I've ever made and who doesn't love a good easy dessert quite like this? I know I've been wanting to make these chocolate pots of goodness for-ever. I'm glad I did.

Want to make these? I know you do. Here's the recipe.


apparentlyjessy said…
They look delicious! I made a similar recipe for fathers day recently, but I added in 150gms of raspberries! YUM!
I also tried a different recipe of Bill Grangers, SO yummy, Banana butterscotch pudding! You should try it!
CC11 said…
Just wanted to say that I ADORE your blog :)
Victoria said…
I crave chocolate everyday so I understand mouth is actually watering they look seriously delicious! Wow & such an easy recipe-Thanks!
Danelle said…
WOW WOW WOW. Love this picture!!! Thanks for the recipe! It sounds delicious and seems quite easy. Its nice to have a quick recipe to whip up when craving chocolate. because thats generally when you need it... QUICK. :)
Lucy said…
Ahh these look just divine! Perfect for a winter pud and, of course, for those chocolate cravings :)
Ash said…
Thanks guys!!

Jessy: that pudding looks amazing!! totally need to try it!!
El said…
What can I say? Scrumptious!
yum! these look lovely. chocolate heaven.
Heidi xo
You make baking look like art! Gorgeous photography!
Cherie said…
Oh, those colours!!!
Btw, how are you enjoying Gizzi's kitchen magic?
Ash said…
Cherie: I love the cook book, it's full of comfort homey dishes... .more in which I know I will be cooking once winter springs upon us gearing up for the chill!

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