CNE trip and the giveaway winner!

Hello everyone! I know, I know.... this blogpost should have been done last week, but alas, work has been a bit crazy and I'm just having the time now. I did get to visit the CNE one of those days and here's some pic's from that day's trip. I must say the sand sculptures that we saw were just AMAZING, there's just so many awesomely talented people out there!! I would have loved to get more photo's but the weather that day was pretty unpleasant.
Oh, and don' t you all worry, I didn't forget about the giveaway winner!! Kim at Two Good Cookies, you won these three prints! Check out her pretty awesome food blog too!

Ps. I did forget about the brownie cake though so sad to say that will make it's debut next post with a few more bits of awesomeness.
Hope you all have a great weekend!!


Chef Chuck said…
Memories of that swing are great!!
Thank you :)
Lucy said…
Those sand sculptures are amazing! Your pictures show you had a fabulous day :)
apparentlyjessy said…
I really am bummed I didn't win, lol, I am greedy and wanted more of your prints!
I love the first two pics of this post. Those flowers are so perfect.

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