a vintage collector and knit wonder

While spending my free morning catching up on reading around the blogsphere, I stumbled across this fine and interesting blog. Having already come to liking the thrift shops in hope of a great find, but now I wish I could knit too! Maybe a New Year's resolution?


Anonymous said…
Very pretty pics - checking out the blog now.
apparentlyjessy said…
I love any pics with chickens in them! Will check out her blog now.
That is a good thing to put on your new years resolution list, I think I might try and learn to crochet!

So I have been thinking...you should really consider about putting some prints in your Etsy store Ash, you take so many beautiful photos, I am certain they would look stunning framed in someone's stylish kitchen!
Chef Chuck said…
That is appealing! Good old farm girl ware!I like the style. Nice photo.

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