the smell of christmas

    I know for me the smell of Christmas always start's when I peel the first tangerine and bake that first batch of gingerbread men... once I smell those I know for sure the holiday's are coming.  
   Do you guys have a Christmas smell, one that brings back a whoosh of memories and holiday cheer?
    I'm quite excited for the holiday's this year... I really can't wait to decorate the house.  I am holding off, feeling it's still a tad early yet, but that hasn't stopped me from buying a few things here and there.  Since the colder weather has approached I felt the need to buy myself a new pair of slippers and well I have been living in these ever since!

  P.S. I'm still working on my jar gifts.  I've had the craziest busy week at work and just haven't had the time, and I love all the gift idea's you've all given me... I may just have to use them all!


Hilary said…
I've got a very similar pair of slipper socks and I'm wearing them right now. My favourite winter clothing item! :)
apparentlyjessy said…
Oooh I love Christmas smells too! For me its the smell of the pine (we always get a real tree) and yep gingerbread!
Chef Chuck said…
Yes, Christmas is around the corner!
Some of the smells that grab me, are the cookies,hot apple cider, and the ham in the oven of course!
I like the mini trees:)
Anonymous said…
Definitely gingerbread and the smell of pine trees reminds me of christmas. I hope you show us your jars once they are filled with presents :)
El said…
You hooked me again with your incredible photography. The gingerbread are so tempting. The whole thing should be in a magazine. Smells? Cloves I think. Cinnamon and cloves. And pine needles.
Ash said…
I have to agree with everyone too and add the scent to pine... I think I want a real tree this year!
There are so many smells that remind me of Christmas. I've had plenty of hot and cold Christmases. So the smells are varied. From pine cones to brandy to egg nog, to BBQs to salty beaches to seafood. All wonderful!
i would stay in those slipper booties all day too! :) i love the smell of fresh fallen snow.
Irene said…
My grandpa used to hang tangerines wrapped in gold foil on our tree... what a wonderful memory this brings. I love this season!
Rose said…
Christmas smells for me are tinsel and the real christmas tree which we dont get until a couple of weeks before christmas day. I love the smell it spreads through the house in the mornings.
Hopefully we will get around to making a gingerbread house this year.


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