just in time for valentines

  With five days away, Valentines is the perfect holiday for sweet lovers.  It's a holiday that's all about pink, red, sexy loads of chocolate, candy, small sweet bites and of course looove.  What better way to treat that special someone is with a little homemade gift... truly made with love.
  My weekend was spent watching movies and wrapping cookies ALL weekend long. I think I packaged well over 500 cookies. YES that was 500 + cookies! Truly a labor of love.   From making cake truffles, decorating butter cookies, and making lots and lots and lots of tiny 'conversation heart' cookies, did I mention lots!  
...I think I'm ready to relax.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


ChichaJo said…
Those are lovely presents to give! You have lucky friends :)
Chef Chuck said…
Those hearts are wonderful! You really got the soft touch!! The colors are great.
That's a lot of cookies to pack, but the main thing is you enjoy, that's what it's all about!
Have Fun!!
Anonymous said…
They are beautiful Ash. Can't wait to see them!
Irene said…
These truffles and cookies are gorgeous! 500+... phew!
Cherie said…
You're a true artist, Ash. These cookies look beautiful. How many did you keep for yourself?
Christy said…
How lovely!! The cookies are sooo cute!! So do you only take orders for valentine's day, or do you sell them on a regular basis?
Ash said…
Thanks all!

I did sell them all... none for me. That's not to say that I wasn't eating them when I was making them! haha.
Omg I love love LOVE these cookies!!!
Lucy said…
Wow you made so many gorgeous cookies! My favourite are the Luv Bug ones - they are adorable :D

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