sour cherry pie & hope

      A couple of days ago I got the sad news that ABC will be canceling Pushing Daisies and a few others!!!  Lets just say - NOT Pushing Daisies!!!!  I love this show.  Finally something different has hit TV and they (who ever they really are) decided to cancel it!  If its not the show's intense colourful sets and costumes, the great looking pies, awesome cast... and perhaps one handsome pie maker... its the story line that I love.  I can't get enough of this show!  I can tell you that its fan's are not giving up on this show.  I think ABC is in the mist of getting a ton of nasty e-mails.  It's amazing the amount of people that are trying to save this show and the few others.  If anything... at least let the writers finish the story!  I want to know what happens!!!
So for the show and my taste buds... I have made a wonderful little sour cherry pie.  Lets just say every time I would watch the show... I would want pie!  They always looked sooo good ... and good indeed this pie was!


Anonymous said…
Nice lattice crust. Love your food photography also, I am a food photographer as well.

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