drinking at noon

'I just got electrocuted!'  ...well that was what one server said as he handed me my ...um third glass of wine before 1pm in the afternoon.  Thanks to keeping my winter wool jacket on and the carpet beneath my feet I was frequently giving people shocks as I handed them my ticket in exchange for a tasting.  It was well worth it as the wine was great and the food fantastic!  I have never seen so many different bottles of wine in one place. I must admit it was a little overwhelming, I couldn't decide what I wanted to try first, weather it be the food or the many many wines. But I did leave happy with perhaps some wines to add to my list of favorites.

Sadly I wish I brought my camera to the event, but in the mist of deciding to go last minute and catching the next train I forgot all about it!  It was too bad cause the  atmosphere there was great too!  
I figure these pic's I took a while back would do the job.  These were from a class where we were playing with light and pours.



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