I can't believe I forgot the daring bakers challenge.  I was so looking forward to some deliciously creative pizza!  I've been so busy baking up a storm and working hard that it passed my mind.  Sorry guys.  I'm on the next one!  
I went backpacking in Australia a few  years back and was delighted in they're assortment of baked goods. Some familiar and some not... this is where the lamington comes in.  I saw this little square piece of a cake and had to have one!  Coming in tons of great colours and flavors and since I love coconut and well cake of  course they seemed like the perfect little treat!  Missing Oz  and dawning Canada's cold snowy months ahead I decided to bake up something to remind me of its hot days and salty seas.


Anonymous said…
Sounds superb in Australia!
Just Cook It said…
Hi Ash, thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. Also, thanks for introducing me to your blog, lovely stuff with some fantastic photography.

I used to work with an aussie pastry chef and she only once brought in Lamingtons but, wow, they were good.

Where abouts in Ontario are you? I spent some time in Toronto a few years back and loved the place, such a great city
Chef Chuck said…
Hello Ash, I found your blog and I love it.
You have a great mix of photo/food.
That mini cake makes me what to jump in and Enjoy!
Thanks Chuck

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