Sunday's are the one day of the week to relax and unwind, unless you're stuck working of course, but for most people its a lazy day.  I do enjoy those lazy days where you can just putter around the house and finally get all those things done you've been meaning to do earlier in the week.  But for me, after a good little sleep in, I love to make a big breakfast.  Its really the highlight of the morning, the anticipation  of what new spin will have on breakfast today.  Will it be chocolate french toast, pancakes with lemon and honey, or a good English style eggs and bacon with the lot? The smells alone will wake you out of bed and send you down stairs in you're pj's and roughed up bed head, too excited to even check yourself out in the mirror.


Miri said…
Oh goodness. I have just read your entire blog, it's so wonderful!
I can't wait to try the baked Camembert! Thank you so much for sharing all these amazing recipes!

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