...the old man is snoring

Wow, has this week been a soaker or what!  I think its rained almost everyday.  I do love it though, in moderation that is.  Not  only does everything get a little greener and well cleaner, its a day to spend time watching some good ol' movies and cooking up something special to make the grey haze disappear.  I think baking might hit the spot, some cookies for the rest of the week, a cake I've been dying to try or even a crazy muffin concoction. You never know... Just something to break the blah. I do sorta attempt to follow a recipe, but then I see something eyeing me in the cupboard that could just maybe work, then well that's just gotta go in too!  ie. My attempt at strawberry muffins turned into chocolate strawberry nut muffins... damn that chocolate for peaking out at me from the cupboard! But hey, those were good!  
Rainy days are always a tool for getting stuff done you've been meaning to, or willing to try. Get out those cookbooks and look at that food porn for inspiration for the next rainy day!


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