coffee break....

Boy do I love my coffee... and there's so many kinds, you can never get board! Coconut coffee would have to be my absolute fav! You can never go wrong with a good espresso either. I will admit, but probably like most people, when I start a new day its the first thing I do in the morning, I leap... well maybe not so much leap but drag myself out of bed and turn the coffee on. But you gotta have something to wake you up on those early days!
Funny I was never much of a coffee drinker, until I headed to New Zealand a while back. It was the thing to do, grab a coffee, chat (well that's nothing new, we all do it here, but it was just different.  Was it because I was way on the other side of the world? Perhaps). Plus it didn't help that my job over there was working as a barista. But if you've ever been there, you'll know that kiwi's have some weird names for they're coffee, most of the cafes don't even serve filter coffee. So here I am one day staring at a menu in a shop and see: flat white, long black, short black?? Total confusion, of course there was the familiar latte` and cappuccino and what have you... but apparently flat white, long black and so on are just variations of how much milk you put into the espresso. Amused either way, I became a frequent orderer of the flat white, and some of they're coffee has been the best I've ever had!  Right now I'm a huge fan of the coffee press. Its so fresh and fast, you get all the flavor! Try putting cinnamon in with the grounds or adding some vanilla extract to you're cup!


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