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cheese cake ice-cream

     So, I really really wanted to make ice-cream. Good ice-cream and considering I don't have a ice-cream maker it was gonna pose a bit of a challenge and we all know that the business of this creamy cold treat is in that maker and without it the ice-cream tends to fall a little flat or hard in this case.
 It's really all about the churning capabilities of said machine isn't it?  I think so.
While my ever-so addicted eyes were browsing pinterest I found a pretty awesome recipe for no-churn cheese cake ice-cream.  The cheesecake part pretty much had me but even more so was the no-churn process of course and the outcome? Pretty tasty and I think my mom loved it even more.

Head on over here for the recipe and check out the chocolate sorbet I did a while back. Which I think I must make again soon!


Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! I've followed your blog for quite some time and I just adore it. So glad you loved this ice cream too!
Anonymous said…
I made this yesterday and it worked perfectly and was delicious!
Lucy said…
Cheesecake ice-cream sounds incredible and I'm loving that it doesn't need churning. Looks so summery!
Chef Chuck said…
Hello Ash!!
I hope your doing well...
O my god after going over your fabulous recipe, it seem your touch will always prevail!
I was surprised to see this lovely ice cream post, for I just did one too.
We must be on the same wave length.
~Take care~
All the best, Chuck
Monet said…
Hi Ash. What gorgeous photographs. I found you through Brian--from a Thought for Food--and I'm so glad that I did. Ice cream sounds just about perfect right now. Here in this 100 degree heat. Thanks for sharing!
gfs said…
oh lordy this sounds (and looks) like an awesome ice cream recipe can't wait to try it (come summer)!!
I just discovered your blog. Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing your stories.
El said…
Looks scrumptious!
Eve said…
Gorgeous Blog... Your food looks amazing...

x Eve

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