happy mother's day

So I made my mom some pretty special little chocolate puddings for mother's day. She's not the biggest chocolate fan, but every once in a while she's all for it and considering I made her a proper roast dinner to go along with it, where she just might have happened to be more excited about the carrot mash then the chocolate puddings.
Total opposite to me right there.
I just wanted to wish all the mother's out there the best of days and to my awesome Mom. Love you!
Here she is rocking a side pony tail back in the day. Love it.


rich dark chocolate pots

1/2 cup cream
200g chocolate 70% or higher (chopped)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2 egg yolks
1/3 cup icing sugar
1/2 cup chocolate cookie crumbs

In a saucepan over medium heat, add the cream and let simmer. Add the vanilla, stir in the chopped chocolate until melted and smooth. Add the sugar and whisk in the egg yolks until glossy. Place in small cups or shot glasses and refrigerate to set for at least 2-4 hrs. Add cookie crumbs to top and serve.
makes 8-10


Chef Chuck said…
Hi Ash, Tell your Mom, Happy Mothers Day...
That Chocolate looks irresistible !!
ChichaJo said…
What a lovely mom and lovely chocolate puddings! :)
Unknown said…
looks divine! chocolate mmmm
Emma said…
I love the photo of your mom, anyone who can successfully rock a side pony is winning in my book. Wish I could see some more photos of my mum when she was younger! I doubt she ever side-ponied:)

That's pretty silly about the carrot mash... but who doesn't like a good mash!?
She's beautiful! I'm sure these puddinsg pleased her no end. I wouldn't mind one myself!
Tash said…
Your mom is gorgeous! Love her side ponytail!
Your mother's day dinner sounds amazing, can't wait for the dark chocolate pudding recipe!
SL said…
Very cute!

The pudding looks delicious too ... seems I know a lot of moms who don't like chocolate these days. Does the mean we grow out of craving it!? oh no! lol

Anonymous said…
So sweet!
Can't think of a more lovely way to celebrate. Beautiful!
El said…
Lovely tribute to your mom. The chocolate pudding looks fantastic!
Lucy said…
Your chocolate puddings look divine - the perfect way to spoil your mum :)
Hannah said…
Rock that side pony tail! Thanks for sharing!

Wow your mom was a babe (hope u don't mind me saying ;p). I see where you get your prettiness from :). The chocolate pudding looks fab, too!
This looks absolutely stunning. Not sure if you are a mom or not, if so, hope you had a super day.
Anonymous said…
Recipe pllleeeeeeease!!!!!
Ash said…
thanks guys! and I will get on posting the recipe.
Sarah said…
great shot! love the blue table and the pudding looks delicious
Your mother was quite the looker -- and I'll bet she still is. Lovely chocolate puddings for her, even if they're not a fave. Haven't had it years, myself.
She's beautiful! And looks so happy. Moms are the best. I love going through my mom's old photos (especially because she's no longer around). I loved seeing this photo of your mom, Ash, tks for sharing! And those pots... Yum!

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