fresh pickin's


I cannot wait to start picking fresh berries this summer! I missed out last year and I was pretty sad about that, but there's no way this year that' s gonna happen. I'm too excited!

P.S. I baked. I will get on sharing that very soon!


Uncle Beefy said…
While I can't wait to feast my eyes upon your baking adventures, this pic just makes my mouth water! Love me the berry season! :)

REALLY gorgeous pic!
m.e (Cathie) said…
they look amazing as I sit here in my warm cardigan sipping hot tea ♥
Cookie Queen said…
I recently found your blog, and I love berries too, one of the best things about summer! :-)
And the photo is great, wonderful colors!
Chef Chuck said…
Wonderful luscious picking!!
~Nice photo~ Enjoy:)
El said…
Great photo. I also can't wait for a pile of fresh fruit. Just bought Connecticut strawberries today...flavor!!!
Bonny said…
Yum! Absolutly gorgeous photo! I love berries, and you have my two favourite there!

I plan on attempting some sorbets this summer, and maybe a baked blueberry cheesecake :D.

Can't wait to see your baking though.
elfy said…
wah its great! I want too!
anwy here introduce you healthy food lets try it now ;)
We care we share ;)
Anh said…
Just found your blog today and I'm in love. Cannot wait to explore more.
Beatriz said…
Oh my my my... I've only been blueberry picking once.. and it was a blast!! We were eating blueberry pie, blueberry pancakes and blueberry muffins for a REALLY long time haha! So fun. I might need to make a trip this summer too after your Lovely temptation ;)

Hope you have a great week Love!
SweetOnVeg said…
Beautiful photo. Two of my favourite kinds of fruits. :)
Kristy said…
I love the cafe bowls with the little base, would you mind sharing where you found those?

p.s Love the blog!!