yellow, red and 365

Project 365. A photo a day seems simple and sometimes it is. But then it can be hard... like I said, hard. There is day's where I curse at myself for not bringing my camera then there's the days where I wish my camera was dead.
Thought I'd rally up some of my 365's so far. If you wanna have a peek at the rest head over here.

P.S. I made homemade donuts!! I will share... maybe, if your good.


apparentlyjessy said…
I have to say I am really enjoying looking at your 365 project on Flickr. You are a seriously talented girl :)
Lucy said…
I always enjoy looking at your project 365 photos, always beautiful and interesting. Can't wait for the donuts!
Emily said…
Thanks for the link to your Flickr page. Your photos are just incredible, regardless of wether it's food, nature, portraits. If your blog wasn't so inpiring, I might start to feel a little jealous. Keep up the great work!
Chef Chuck said…
This set of photos have much to say~~
I love it!! No, keep that camera alive!
Amanda said…
Each one of these pictures is lovely and inventive. If I had to take one picture each day, you'd already be seeing blurry close-ups of my shoes or something. Keep going!!
Valerie Gamine said…
Homemade donuts! Yes please.

Ash, I have a Beautiful Blogger Award for you on my blog. :)
Lovely collage. You have an 'eye'

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