In my attempt to get crafty: project number 2

I will admit I'm a avid thrift store wonder, always in search of a great or unique find.  I came across these embroidery hoops, which I seem to see on a regular basis, and remembered something in a magazine or random blog post, I can't remember... but they used pieces of left over fabric to create some pretty cool cheap wall art.  These here probably only cost me a whopping $4... now that's some sweet cheapt art!  I know these are a bit on the retro side, but one of the things I seem to pick up on my thrift shop travels is old retro bedsheets. There is some serious crazy patterns and amazing colours... and endless things to do with them!


Oh my god! What a cool idea for all those hoops I have!
apparentlyjessy said…
I love it! I need to do some more thrift store searching, it is so much fun, I love the top ones pattern, so pretty! And I am pretty sure mum had sheets similar to the bottom circle one...except perhaps more browns.
Gotta love cheap chic decorating! :)
Lucy said…
I love these! So thrifty but SO very pretty :)I love the crafty things you do and make - I dont have it in me but I love looking at other peoples work.
Chef Chuck said…
I like retro, nice colors!!
Amanda said…
These are fantastic! What a great idea to jazz up a wall!

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