cookies on sticks are the most wonderful of tricks

   journey to the baking store lead me to some wonderful things!  I actually went in search for a beer mug cookie cutter for a customer. Let me tell you, unusual cutters are hard to find unless you order them online which are probably mainly from the states. Well I wasn't prepared to wait that long...  so a journey to McCall's baking supply store in T.O., (first time going there by the way) I was in heaven!  All the things I thought I couldn't find were there... well maybe not everything, but it sure came close enough.
So here I was staring at the wall of cookie cutters hoping a beer mug cutter would pop out of no where... well to my luck none appeared.  But somehow threw my little mind I looked at a baseball mitt and thought 'beer mug'...a little re-shaping needed, but vola!


Chef Chuck said…
WOW Ash, They look so great, almost don't want to eat them! O.K. I will have one!
Great Job, Enjoy
Cherie said…
I love the idea of these unusual cookie cutters. Where is this McCull's? I would love to pay them a visit.

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