the assignment...

Late October I took a Food Styling class with the very wonderful and talented Delores Custer.  The week-long class was quite intense and a lot for my little brain to take in!  There was just so much information and of course trying to learn all the little, odd, surreal and maybe disturbing techniques that go into making food look as good as it does for the camera. From our perfectly cooked uncooked turkey to unassembling a frozen dinner and the fun fake icecream... most items were quite unedible. 
So here is a shot taken by photographer Michael Visser of our final group assignment - Filled crepes with raspberries, crushed pistachios and chocolate sauce.  The only thing fake about our dish was that the filled crepes were filled with not a raspberry filling but with plain ol' paper towel.


Anonymous said…
Hi Ash
Just made crepes last nite. Not raspberry, but chicken, mushroom and cheeze!
I like the look of the chocolate with the raspberry(my favourite).

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