chocolate... ooh..yeah

What more can I say. Chocolate is... chocolate is melt in you're mouth, chocolate is an old favored memory, chocolate is decadence, chocolate is love/hate, chocolate is wanting more, chocolate is a happy thing, chocolate is eyeing me in the supermarket...and at home, chocolate is simple, chocolate is sexy, chocolate is comfort, chocolate is sometimes where it doesn't belong (ie: hips), but best of all chocolate is sooo darn good!  Here are two of my absolute favorite chocolate cakes...  the chocolate flourless torte and the chocolate butter cake with a rich dark choc glaze.  Now both are filled with delicious vanilla pod infused whipped cream and berries of course!
More chocolate to come!!!


Helene said…
I have spent thhe week with chocolate and I'll never tire!! Great shots!
I'm not crazy about pure chocolate, but desserts with chocolate drive me nuts! These are fantastic, Ash!
Christy said…
Beautiful photos!! Looking forward for more chocolate posts to come!
NJ said…
I stumbled upon your blog in the midst of looking for suggestions for a camera lens for food photography - would you mind if I asked you what you use? Your shots make me wish pixels were edible!

Lately all I can think about is apricots dipped in chocolate, I began to remember tasting them when I was really young.

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