The feeling is blue... blue for blueberries that is.  No fresh pickin's for quite some months, the blueberry is officially out of season (sigh).  Oh for the sweet and sour little blue ball of a berry, no more.  (Well its not to say we can't buy it from our market where it came from another far off land and pay just that little bit more.) But I felt I should pay tribute to this little berry for all they're health benefits and sweetness it brings to our lovely desserts and healthful smoothies... I love em!
Sorry guys I haven't posted in some time. Its been a crazy crazy week!  I just finished off 260 halloween cookies and had just par-take in a week long food-styling class... very intense.  So now is my time to catch up... or was it? Here I was getting all my gear ready, ready to load up some pics and doesn't my camera decide its time to charge the battery.  So for another day I will post all my wonderful delights!


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