chocolate pots et frangelico

Lets just say I was craving chocolate....  I've been so busy lately that I haven't had time to make anything, but I did manage to fit in some time to indulge my sweet tooth.  I found these little shot glasses I thought would look perfect filled with something sweet so hence why these little chocolate pots were born.  I must say they are a little too sinful, dark chocolate, cream and the hit of frangelico. I do love that little hint of hazelnut.  These look great and are dead easy to make.

chocolate pots

200g  good quality chocolate
1 cup  cream
2 egg yolks
knob of salted butter
2 tbsp frangelico*

heat cream in a sauce pan over medium heat untill simmering. Add  chocolate till melted and the cream turns into a fantastic chocolatey goodness, add eggs stirring constantly, then add butter and liquor stir until smooth and creamy... yum!  Pour into little cups and chill for at least a few hours.  Makes about 6, as I used little shot glasses.
*You can use just about any liquor that suits you're taste buds: brandy, kahlua and fruit flavors work really nice.


Marija said…
Oh my what a beautiful blog you have! Found you through Daring Bakers. Welcome!
Helene said…
The chocolate pots are so perfect! Oh to dive my spoon in one of them!!

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