shepherds pie for fathers day

shepherdspie AGC15
shepherdspie AGC4
shepherdspie AGC6
shepherdspie AGC7
shepherdspie AGC9
shepherdspie AGC8
shepherdspie AGC11

            Celebrate Father's day with giving Dad a comforting hearty dish of Shepherds pie (my Dad's particular favourite) made with Guinness and a creamy-cheesy green onion and bacon mashed potato top.
I have collaborated again with Natrel to come up with something delicious just for Dad.  Check out the recipe here on their site.  


I've never put Guinness in a Shepherd's pie.... great idea.
Lucy said…
It's a really hot summer day here but your photos have me craving a shepherds pie!
That looks beautiful and so delicious, Ash! I love how special it is, perfect for the occasion.

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