creamy roasted tomato and basil soup with parmesan croutons

tomato soup AGC9
tomato soup AGC2
tomato soup AGC4
tomato soup AGC5
tomato soup AGC7
tomato soup AGC12
tomato soup AGC11

        Tomato soup seems to conjure up days spent stuck in the rain. The anticipation of getting home to get cozy, dry and curl up with a hot bowl of soup was one that always brought upon a smile.  Tomato soup was always my first choice and my Grandma made a mean one.  This recipe is my twist on the classic favourite.

      I once again joined up with Natrel to create three lactose free recipes that Grandma would be proud of.  Up first is a creamy roasted tomato soup with parmesan croutons.  Check out the recipe here.


Savory Simple said…
I adore your photos. This sounds amazing!
Lucy said…
This looks and sounds gorgeous - those parmesan crutons in particular sound very moreish!
Hey, beautiful, it's great seeing you on the picture, too! <3

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