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             I have not made fresh bread in probably well over three years. Ouch, thats a bit too long, especially for one bread lovin' gal like me.  I could live on that stuff if I let myself, although I'd probably add quite a few unwanted pounds in the process.  I just had one of those moments when I thought, you know what? I'm gonna make some bread.  This was simply the easiest and tastiest bread I think I've ever made and there's nothing better then that wonderful simple joy that comes after you know you've just made your own bread.

I used this recipe here.


bacon and butter beans
(serves 4)

2-4 slices bacon, chopped
2 tomatoes, chopped
1 can butter beans
1 handful of baby kale
salt and pepper to taste

In a skillet cook the chopped bacon until crisp.  Add the tomatoes and cook for a couple of minutes.  Pour in the can of butter bean, juices and all (this is what makes a wonderful sauce) bring it to a simmer. Add the kale and stir through until wilted. Taste for seasoning.  Add a slice of fresh bread for soaking up the juices and you've got a sweet side or little hearty snack.


ChichaJo said…
Both the bread and the beans look wonderful!
Ash said…
Thanks ChichaJo!
That bread looks amazing, Ash! What a beautiful crust!
Anna Sorokina said…
Looks amazing!

I`ll be happy if we follow to each other!Just let me know in my blog)
June Burns said…
How I love fresh baked bread. There is really nothing like it. That picture is giving me a carb hankering already. :) Great pics!
Anonymous said…
pretty nice blog, following :)
Renee @ AFS said…
Oh my, I'm so happy I came by, you have a wonderful blog. I love love love bread too; definitely going to try this recipe! Thank you!

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