little beauties

   While strolling the supermarket one day I happen to come along these little mini brie's which I just couldn't pass up. I mean how cute are they?  Added with the right small touches like this wild blueberry  jam from Quebec I found that I am entirely in love with now (even my man has been devouring it on toast and he's not really a toast and jam loving guy), some toasted walnuts, english soda crackers, something salty or some lovely fresh fruits and you're set! Cheese party anyone?

(Jam: PC's black label line)


Sarah said…
I love it when a new discovery comes along, and brings back a little first flush of love with a familiar product.
sofiasarsa said…
Thank you for sharing this recipe, those mini bries look delicious!
While I was reading your bio I found out you're Canadian... well, I spent one month last summer in Montréal and Québec (I'm Spanish) and I fell in love with Canada. Everything on your blog makes me remember those days!
I'll definitely go on reading your recipes!
Epic Thread said…
Holy cow, these look delicious!
Jillian -
yummy! I just found your page! i'm from Spain and I love cooking, so I work in a cooking magazine, and that's how I found you!

amazing pics! :)

Unknown said…
Talk about a great presentation!
- Gabriella Anatra

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