individual shepherd's pie


I do fear it's been quite a while and neglecting this little space is something I'd rather not do. So back for the new year my one resolution is to post more, much more, and there is rather a few things that I've been dying to try out. This shepherds pie recipe has been a long awaited one and completely well worth it. Delicious to be exact.


Head on over here for the recipe (I just added carrots and corn to the dish since I've been trying to get some more veg in).

Wishing you all a happy weekend!


I love those ramekins you've got! So adorable. And, welcome back. :)
Nicolina said…
Mmmhhh, yummy, yummy!
looks deliciously and beautiful pics

Nicole ;)
Dear Ash, Happy New Year! I do hope you post more because your posts are always gorgeous and delicious. These pies - my goodness! They look delicious and perfect for the gray days here (in the middle of summer, can you believe it?)
Lucy said…
So good to have you blogging again, I always love reading your posts. These look so adorable - a lovely way of brightening up shepherds pie.
Unknown said…
I could just about smell them :) want one now! lol
You've taken an old favourite and made it look beautiful.
I just have to make this....I'm married to a Brit! They look so wonderful....must admit, I began to lick my screen!
Courtney said…
Looks delicious. Love your dishes on the wood surface. Great photos.
Tash said…
Such a great take on the classic french canadian pâté chinois Ash :) I'm glad that I'll be seeing more of your delicious recipes and beautiful photography :)
The Wee Lass said…
These look adorable and totally delish. Glad you're back :)
El said…
Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Welcome back.
Unknown said…
complimenti per il tuo blog! da oggi ti seguo :)
uso anch'io il kenwood e mi trovo benissimo!
un bacio!
ps: se ti va puoi partecipare al mio nuovo contest: in palio ci sono 100 euro di shopping :)
I agree those pots are adorable! and so is the recipe. Welcome back.
What a great idea. I love Sheherds Pie. Gorgeous pictures as well. I'm new to your blog. Beautfiul!
These look so good. I love shepherd's pie! And the individual servings are perfect. I just discovered your blog and I'm glad to hear you'll be posting more. It's a lovely space.
Elise said…
Yum! Your making me hungry
great pictures! we love shepherd's pie :)
These sure do look amazing! Great comfort food!
Chef Chuck said…
Hello Ash!
The new year sounds wonderful!!
Just as these foods displayed by you are.
Fabulous job as always on both, recipes and photo's...
Your talents shine brighter then ever! Thank you :)
LunaCafe said…
So homey and beautiful, just love these.
Plami said…
OMG this looks delicious!

Jenna said…
This looks amazing
Rich Amor said…
Just amazing, very tempting recipe
What gorgeous shepherd's pies!!! I so want to dig my fork in them.

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