outdoor eats part one


Outdoor eats. We love them. There's nothing better then gathering a bunch of friends, lots of food and sitting it all out under the big blue sky or even the starring night. This is my favorite time of year for this reason alone. The weather is nice, everyone is more relaxed and fresh produce is abundant. I can't complain.


For the recipes, check out the summer issue of N.E.E.T. magazine, where both of these recipes and I were featured along with a couple other fab bloggers.

Happy Weekend!


Chef Chuck said…
So good!! So Fresh...
I was just picking peas myself, the season is in!
Enjoy, thank you :)
Unknown said…
YUM! Lovely, I want to eat that nowww <3
Congrats and really really gorgeous shotS! Heading over to the magazine now =D
Bianca said…
So fresh and perfectly summer- but truthfully,they both look so delicious I would eat them inside all year long!
Tash said…
Yay for outdoor eats! We've been eating on the back porch for a few days now, it's such a treat especially since our winters are so long.
Looking forward to part deux :)
Both of these look wonderful! Cooking outside is one of my favorite things in the world. Now we just need the weekend to get here!
Jackie said…
Lovely food photography. I love your props (the bamboo dinnerware). So cute!
melly said…
PEES! Oh goodness. Can't wait until they are at market in Toronto. MAN!
Siobhan C said…
Kind of jealous of your Nothern summer while we freeze down under. Beautiful photography as usual.
Ivana said…
Oh, this post (and your entire blog) looks simply delicious!
I´m really happy that I´ve found your blog and I´m following you :) Hope to see you over at my lifestyle blog soon :)

xx Ivana
Meg said…
This all looks so delicious.

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