DIY coconut curls

Let me start off with that I could not find dried shredded coconut that looked like this for the life of me and believe me I looked. I did find something quite similar under the name of... coconut chips? They didn't have the cool brown skin edge I've been looking for and well cost more then the price of about five coconuts. I figured then I just plain needed to make them myself.
So I did some goggle research and found this video on how to easily crack a coconut.
It helped.
Then came the time to shred or peel. I peeled. I was liking the way they looked already so I knew then that I needed to do some 'how do you dry coconut' research for these lovely's and found out there's not a whole lot of info on it. Weird? I thought so.
After a bit more looking I was saved.

Here's the drying method: Preheat oven to 200 c. Lay out coconut curls evenly on a sheet pan with parchment paper. Bake for 60-90 min. Keep checking cause you don't want them to go brown but if they do just a bit... no worries. You've now got toasted coconut and that tastes just as good if not better.
Let cool and place in a jar or air tight container.


El said…
Thanks for posting this. I tried it once and got incredibly frustrated. Glad to see your method worked. What will you use it for?
Nikki said…
Great post! I too have searched for the husked-edged coconut curls, to no avail... so I will have to try a crack at it, and make some for my pantry too! Love the photos!
Indie.Tea said…
O yum...coconut...and you made it look so pretty.
In India. they have these coconut 'scrapers'...a long wooden board with a rounded piece of metal at one end...the rounded metal is sort of serrated so that you can 'scrape' the coconut against it and have fine coconut pieces for cooking.
Kris said…
Because of this post, I am ready to try and tackle my coconut! Thanks!

I found your post on Food Gawker and I posted a link on my Linky Love this week. Thanks for the great post!
Chef Chuck said…
I love coconut!! Your superb display makes me want to cook with it!! How about some Coconut Cream Pie!!
Rose said…
oh wow, I would have never thought you could do this youself. It looks really good, look forward to seeing what you make with it :)

Lucy said…
This is so cool! I wish whole coconuts were a bit easier to find in London so I could try this!
You had me at DIY! These look great; I am prepping to make some ice cream, I think some coconut curls will be the zaza zoo to take the ice cream over the top!
Jessica said…
Beautiful pictures. The coconut curls look delicious! Were you going to use them on a tasty treat that you'll be sharing with us soon? ;-)
Jamie said…
Love these photos! Thank so much for posting.
Ash said…
I sure do have plans to make some scrumptious with these curls of coconut!!
They look gorgeous, and remind me of fresh coconuts back at home. I haven't bought a whole coconut in 3 years, unlike in Nigeria were I got weekly supplies!
Sachi said…
coconuts, as u might know (or not ) are used to make meals in Sri Lanka. :) we just hit the coconut with the blunt side of a very big heavy knife to crack it in two ( i get my father to do this for me ), and we scrape it with a coconut scraper and blend it with water to get coconut milk which we add to our food to cook. shredded coconuts are sometimes burnt slightly with a naked flame and eaten , just for the heck of it. we also make 'coconut toffees' with scraped coconut. :) I JUST had to comment on this post coz this is such a familiar topic for us ppl in Sri Lanka. u should visit. :)