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So I know I was supposed to have some sort of baked good showing up here, but that was just a big ol' baking flop, even in their ugly-ness they weren't all too tasty either. So I hope you'll forgive me and and enjoy this refreshing pink drink complete with the cutest little rosebud ice cubes.

Rose punch
recipe adapted from Valli Little of Delicious mag

50g box dried edible rosebuds
1 cup caster sugar*
1 tbs rosewater
A few drops of pink or rose food colouring
750ml dry white wine
750ml sparkling mineral water or sparkling lemon/limeade

Half-fill ice cube trays with water. Place a rosebud in each and freeze for 3 hours, then fill with more water and freeze until solid.
In a saucepan add 1 1/4 cups water with sugar (*cut the sugar in half if your using sparkling lemon/limeade, other wise it might get too sweet) and place on a low heat to dissolve sugar. Increase heat to medium and simmer for 5-6 min until you get a light syrup. Stir in rosewater and colouring and let cool.

So while this drink is quite summery and backyard soirée-ish. I thought I'd go along with this theme and have the next few posts centered around picnic's, bbq's or any outdoor gathering really. Treats and eats to take with you, that sort of thing. What do you think?

Happy weekend all!


Oh, this sounds good. And your photos are so beautiful!
Ash said…
Thanks Hannah! I was kind of skeptical about how this was going to taste... too rosy maybe? It was absolutely amazing especially with the limeade.
Lora said…
Love the drink. I have a bag of dried rose buds which I stare at quizzically from time to time. Thanks for a great idea!
Jennifer said…
Wonderful. This looks like a deliciously dreamy summer drink!

Happy weekend!!
Valerie Gamine said…
This is a nice twist on the usual iced drinks! May I ask what kind of baked good you made?
El said…
Never thought of this one. Beautiful!
I love things made with roses. They are always so pretty. Beautiful photography too. Thanks for the recipe.
Shokoofeh said…
This is one of my favorite drinks ever. I make the same thing with mint as well. Thanks for sharing this! :)
Lucy said…
This is just the prettiest drink! Can't wait to try it, looks lovely and refreshing for the summer. Looking forward to the rest of your picnic posts :)
What do I think? I think you've stolen the show on this one!... and the last few posts! Gorgeous photos. Innovative recipe idea. Timely. Dreamy. Just perfect...
And, I might just make it, too!
Thank you,
mmm! this looks so sparkly and refreshing!
what a great refreshing punch!! I have never used flowers in beverages....its a must try!!
thanks for the inspiration!
yum yum yum! this looks so good! definitely looks like a summer drink :)
Unknown said…
What a beautiful drink. I am always attracted to recipes where there is a rose ingredient like rosewater or rose petals. Those type of recipes seem so feminine and romantic. This is a beautiful drink.
*kisses* HH
Ash said…
Valerie: I made a type of jam biscuit cookie thing... there's the mistake already... I don't even know what it was called! lol. The dough was so soft and unworkable, I managed a few, but they just expanded into ginormous blobs of tastelessness.
Anonymous said…
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Lovely, tasty, colourful, girly.....I have rose buds waiting to be used!
Chef Chuck said…
Refreshing Ash! I love the ice cubes :)
It looks so cute. Rose punch, even the name is cute!
Bianca said…
I just found your website on last friday, by chance, and I made this drink for a red themed party I was going to (i added red food coloring instead of pink) and this baby was a hit; I only managed to get two glasses to myself. Thanks for the recipe, I was a hit!
Kristen said…
Such lovely photos, as always, and those ice cubes? Seriously? How cool is that? I love it!
Coco said…
what a unique recipe! and I love your composition too :)
Anonymous said…
I am absolutely going to try this! I have just found your blog (via Creature Comforts) and love it - beautiful photos.
This looks delicious, and gorgeous. Great post!!

~ Tiffany

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Melissa said…
I would love to try this out, but I am having a hard time finding the rose petals. Anyway you can share your edible rose petal source?


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