baking day part one

    Here's just one of the things I've been testing and well tasting.  While making some cupcakes for a friend, I had some extra batter left over and decided to try it in my popover pan... making these very vanilla little cakes on the high side.  I loved how they turned out.  I could see em loaded with butter icing as cute little mini cakes!   I used the same vanilla cupcake recipe you can find here.  

ps... more goodness on its way.


Elyse said…
These cupcakes look great!! Great photography, by the way. You're making me hungry for some of these beautiful cupcakes. Yum!
Lucy said…
Oooh I want to have a baking day! The cakes are adorable :)
Chef Chuck said…
They are very cute! Make's me want to pop them in my mouth! The photo look soft and light!!
Keep it up, Ash!
Katie said…
Your photos are divine! Gorgeous. Scrumptious. Delightful. I could go on and on :)
too cute! perfect use for a popover pan (mine rarely sees the light of day, as i almost never make popovers).
Miette said…
Your photos are stunning : you're so talented ! The cupcakes look divine !


Mermaid Sews said…
These look great - love your photography.

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