something old, something new?

Vintage finds...I'm always on the look out for them. I scope out antique/flea markets and thrift shops for the perfect props for my photography. There's always something to buy and sometimes quite a bit cheaper then a regular ol' shop. Besides you can find some pretty interesting things and it can be a lot of fun looking. I'm a huge fan of scarves from the 60s' and 70s'. The colours and patterns are amazing and they only cost around two dollars each! ...Aren't they back in fashion now too? Bonus!
 I tend to pick up some of the most random things too, like the old tiffin tin shown in the pics. Its a cute little steel three level carrying case, perfect for those on the go food journey's. There really is so many things to buy at second hand shops. Even old sheets can make great backdrops for pics, especially if can find some great patterned ones. Or use an old sheet (in good condition) and staple it to a wooden frame for some cool retro art! Cups and glasses are huge. I'm always on the look for those. You can't have the same one in all you're pics right? Cutlery too, is big, I like the old cutlery, its got a lot more character then the new stuff, especially if you're shooting something rustic.


i love this... i am a uscker for vintage tableware and flatware and anything that looks used. i think they add so much texture to photos. lovely!

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