left over chicken lettuce wraps with a spicy avocado dill sauce


         When hot weather hits and turning on the oven is something I definitely don't want to do (no air conditioner in this abode). Having leftovers makes for a quick and easy refreshing lunch.
We've been trying to eat healthier lately and to make a lifestyle change to keep it that way.  Having a winter of eating out too much has made my man and I feel kinda well, blah.
Juicing, smoothies and more trips to the market for tons of fruits and veggies is what we're aiming for this spring/summer.

Wednesday link love:

1. These hand pies totally have my heart.
2. I think this will be my next cook book purchase.
3. Had a mega craving for these again last night so of course I had to make them.
4. Totally need this tee.
5. Loving this (new to me) blog.

Once again I have collaberated with Natrel for a quick and easy left over weeknight dish. For the recipe and more photos check it out here.


Yuliya* said…
Mmmm!So fresh! Love it!

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