outdoor treats and eats part one

Striped frozen treats like this... well I can't help myself and if you've picked up the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living, then you've probably seen these. So if you're like me and love a refreshing icy treat that looks this good, then well... we're alike. I just knew that when I saw these little striped delights I had to make them soon... like tomorrow soon. They are kind of a lengthy process with the freezing of each layer and what not, but they are well worth it and the flavor combinations are almost limitless and I have to say, right now I think the pink lemonade part is my favorite. I loved it's sourness.

Ice pops
via Martha Stewart Living
I don't really need to give you a recipe for this since it's pretty much just juices, puree's, and yogurt and you can add what ever you like.

For the vanilla-yogurt mix
1 cup greek or regular plain yogurt.
2 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla bean paste or extract.
Mix together.

For the raspberry puree'
1 pint raspberries
1 tbs sugar
1 tbs white wine or liqueur (optional)
Add the raspberries, sugar and wine/liqueur to a blender or food processor and blend until smooth. Pour through a sieve to remove the seeds.

To make the stripes, pour a layer in each mould and let set at least 1 hour and repeat on the second layer and add your popsicle stick in each it should stay up-right. Repeat the layering and freeze overnight. I did mine off and on in one day and let freeze overnight. It might not take you this long, but my freezer seems to like to take forever for things to freeze throughly.

Happy weekend!


Chef Chuck said…
So Healthy! What a "chilling" idea for the summer :) I like that you get different fruity flavors in each bite!
Valerie Gamine said…
These are almost too pretty to lick! Beautiful colours. And I bet they taste amazing with Greek yogurt.
Hilary said…
Ummmmm could these be any cuter? LOVE THEM! (And want to eat one right now, despite it being only about 15 degrees outside).
I love the colour combo's. It looks so pretty. It is currently winter in the southern hemisphere. It doesn't get as cold down here, but it gets cold enough for me to appreciate any hints of summer. Thank you
Lucy said…
These are so pretty! Made me smile as soon as I saw your pictures and look utterly delicious.
Jennifer said…
These are the most beautiful ice pop photos I've ever seen!
Unknown said…
what a gorgeous photo! I seen it on foodgawker and had to see more :)
Unknown said…
These look delicious, I love the colors. Great photo!
Deborah said…
How fun! I haven't even had a chance to open my last issue of Martha, so I'm glad I saw these!!
Memória said…
What lovely pops!! I love the different flavors you used.
Lisa said…
mmmm. i love the layering of colors and the color (and flavor!) combinations. they look wonderful! popsicle molds are on my shopping list now =)
il ramaiolo said…
Hello Ash!
What a masterpiece! I love the ice! Especially now! Soon
Thank you for posting this! Your popsicles look perfect! I'm definitely bookmarking these great combinations and dreaming up some more!)
Chef Chuck said…
I hope all is well Ash,I heard about the quake!
Take care.
El said…
Beautiful and perfect for summer! Love the stripes.
Andrea Krummel said…
i don't know how i came across your blog, just random clicks and follows i guess, but i am so glad i did! i posted this a couple weeks ago:


and i've been wondering how to make them! thanks for sharing!
Design Fixation said…
Ran across your blog over on Creature Comforts.... love this idea! These popsicles are absolutely gorgeous.
Jennifer Young said…
oh. my. goodness!!! need to make these stat!!!
outfitqueen said…
i don't know how no one asked this yet. but WHERE OH WHERE did you get the molds!!??
ps. Have you uses a Zoku popsicle maker before? You'll love it.
Ash said…
No, I haven't used a Zoku!! I must check this thing out!!
coopSpeak said…
Your pics are absolutely gorgeous!
Love the icepops - the flavours, the colours........beautiful Ash
judy gal said…
I love the forms you've used... where are they from? Also.. great
photography -- very appealing to the eye!
Thanks...Judy Gal
What brand of ice pop molds are you using? They look great!
Joanna said…
They look beautiful and delicious! I would love to get some of those popsicle molds you have... where did you get them?
Ash said…
Thank all!!

I got these from Homesense. But they are by TOVOLO.
Here's the link;

Joanna said…
Thanks for the link to the popsicle molds! Will have to get myself some. And thanks for visiting my blog too, even though its very neglected!
Mischa said…
What a great post! This reminds me of my childhood where we also made our own popsicles!

I had to make a post about your article on my own blog :) You can see it here;

Best Regards,
Mischa Conijn
Studio Miiip, handmade ceramic Tableware
Unknown said…
These pops are absolutely beautiful. I totally need to try this! I love the layered look. Weird question, but I think we have the same popsicle molds; do you have any idea how far you should fill them when freezing? I've been over and undershooting the mark!

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